Over 25 Years of Real Estate Law Experience

Netzell Legal Services, PLLC, Twin Cities, Real Estate Law Firm

A successful real estate closing depends on careful attention to detail, thorough investigation, and well-drafted documents. Netzell Legal Services, PLLC, brings over 20 years of real estate legal experience to the closing table, ensuring everything goes according to plan. By providing proactive legal services across the real estate industry, Netzell Legal Services helps developers, lenders, and realtors avoid the courtroom and spend more time focused on their business.

Real Estate Professionals

The firm helps Twin Cities real estate professionals ensure smooth real estate transactions. From purchase agreements to zoning variances, Tim Netzell comes alongside developers, builders, and real estate agents to make their work easier.

Financial Professionals

The firm provides support services to bankers and lenders, helping them invest their money wisely. Tim's experience in preparing title insurance and lending agreements helps commercial investors protect their wealth.

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Real estate transactions don't need to cause headaches. Make sure everything goes smoothly at your next closing. Bring on Netzell Legal Services to take care of all of your legal needs.

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