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Lenders and commercial bankers need to know that their investments are protected. Netzell Legal Services, PLLC can help. Experienced real estate attorney Tim Netzell provides comprehensive transaction services for the financial industry. He will ensure that your interests are secure.

Custom Loan Documents

The bigger the financial investment, the more you want the details to be perfect. Whether your bank is providing a standard single-family home mortgage or funding an elaborate commercial development, the lending documents set the tone between lender and borrower. Netzell Legal Services can prepare custom loan documents to address all of your needs, including provisions for:

  • Disclosures;
  • Payment Schedules;
  • Contingencies;
  • Insurance;
  • Breach Consequences; and
  • Arbitration Agreements.

Netzell Legal Services stands behind its loan documents, ensuring that they are properly prepared, signed, executed, and recorded. This gives you added security against a borrower in default and eases the process of collections, should it become necessary.

Title Insurance Policies

Title insurance is crucial to protect your investment dollars against unknown title defects. Netzell Legal Services, through its sister company, Assure Title, LLC, can write or review a title insurance policy for your upcoming real estate transaction. Tim will personally work through your policy to ensure accuracy and completeness. His carefully drafted title insurance policies will protect you and your borrower from losing money on a bad deal.

Title Examination

When there are large amounts of money at issue, you want to be certain there are no surprises. Tim's attention to detail and thorough investigation will give you the assurance you need to close any investment deal. By investigating any possible liens, encumbrances, or other title concerns, Tim will be certain your client receives good title once the deal is closed.

Experience and Expertise

Tim has over 25 years of real estate law experience, and over 30 years of title insurance experience. He has seen every side of a real estate transaction and will bring all of that experience to meet your particular needs. By bringing legal and title insurance services together under one roof, Netzell Legal Services can streamline the process of obtaining the necessary real estate documents. With one fewer professional at the table, your closings should happen faster, smoother, and with fewer hang ups.

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You have a lot riding on your real estate investments. Don't let a loan go bad because of poorly drafted documents. Contact Netzell Legal Services to get high quality legal paperwork for your next transaction.

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