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Real estate development doesn't happen without some connection to legal services. Everyone from remodelers to commercial development companies need to buy and sell properties to make their businesses work. Without the proper documents, those real estate transactions can cause real headaches.

Legal Development Consulting

Netzell Legal Services can help. With over 25 years of experience in real estate law, founder Tim Netzell can be the legal consultant for your next development project. He can help you investigate and work through the issues that are unique to each property. His job is to think of and address potential legal problems now, so you don't have to go to court later. Whether you are developing a subdivision or, commercial space, or mixed use urban development, Tim will help you map out the future and avoid any legal landmines.

Due Diligence

Selecting the ideal location for your next project involves more than a drive past the property. Netzell Legal Services can assist with the due diligence required to ensure there will be no problems in acquiring the property. That typically includes investigating title histories, prior uses of the land, easements, and use restrictions. Identifying these challenges before the property changes hands is imperative so that you do not have to spend time and energy resolving matters that should have been addressed. This due diligence assistance can be critical helping developers decide when to buy and when to walk away.

Purchase Agreements

Once you have found the perfect site for your next build, you need to acquire the land. Netzell Legal Services can draft or review the purchase agreements, make sure they are executed properly, and ensure that all parties to the agreement understand their responsibilities.

Title Correction

In situations where there are some matters that cannot be addressed by a simple agreement between the parties or a deed, Netzell Legal Services has the experience and skill to take matters before the court to obtain a judicial determination of property rights. Whether your property is abstract or Torrens, Tim has the understanding of the system to move the matter forward quickly and efficiently.

Lending Contracts & Title Insurance

Tim has been preparing title insurance and loan documents for over 25 years. He will take the time to review these crucial documents with you. That way you will know if you are facing any challenging ownership or legal issues before you close on the property. An undisclosed lien or easement can cause expensive and time consuming problems later in the development process.

Land Use and Zoning Issues

When beginning a new construction project, it is important to involve local municipal officers early to avoid costly fines later on. If your plans do not meet with current zoning or land use ordinances, Netzell Legal Services can assist you in filing requests for waivers or variances from the proper city officials. This is especially important when creating new subdivisions, multi-family units and apartment buildings, or mixed-use commercial property, which often require rezoning or exemptions from existing regulations governing the property. Tim can negotiate on your behalf with zoning officers and the city council to get your construction plans the green light.

Lease Agreements

An empty building doesn't do anyone any good. Once a commercial development project is complete, your realtor needs to help you fill it as quickly as possible. Netzell Legal Services will work alongside your real estate company to make sure you are protected from commercial tenants and renters alike. Through carefully drafted lease agreements, Tim will protect your rights, giving you and your tenants a clear understanding of each party's obligations.

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By connecting with Netzell Legal Services early in planning your next development project, you will bring on a partner whose job it is to keep you out of the courthouse. Don't wait until you are facing a lawsuit to talk to a lawyer. Contact Netzell Legal Services today to address all your transactional real estate needs.

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