Over 25 Years of Real Estate Law Experience

Why Choose Netzell Legal Services

Netzell Legal Services, PLLC, is a premier real estate law firm providing transactional services to real estate agents, builders, developers, and the financial industry in the Twin Cities area. With over 25 years of experience, founder Tim Netzell provides his clients with the perfect blend of integrity, knowledge, and diverse real estate experience.

Netzell Legal Services is rooted in real estate and title insurance experience.

Tim opened the firm with a focus on real estate and commercial matters in 1989. His focus has never changed. He handles everything from acquisition planning to zoning conflicts with knowledge and integrity. Tim works with its clients to identify development and investment opportunities within the real estate market. He also personally consults with builders and development clients to plan out the best strategies to buy, build, and sell.

Because Tim knows real estate law from every angle, he can provide services at every stage of the transaction process.

With over 30 years of title insurance experience, he can ensure a thorough investigation and high quality title documentation to financial clients and lenders alike.

Tim is intimately familiar with the sometimes peculiar workings of Minnesota real estate law.

Whether a client is looking to acquire foreclosure property or sell a commercial building, Tim will be there with them every step of the way. He understands that a successful real estate transaction is about more than a sold sign. It is about smart investment, efficient management, and timely resale of the right kind of property for each investor.

In the world of transactional real estate law, a well-crafted agreement or title search is the difference between a smooth transaction and bureaucratic red tape.

Tim places top priority on avoiding pitfalls or delays. He makes certain that every document is accurately prepared, properly executed, and officially recorded.

The greatest testament to Netzell Legal Services is the number of his clients who never leave.

Netzell Legal Services still provides services to some of the same businesses as when the firm first opened its doors in 1989. That is because Tim is committed to the highest form of customer service. He identifies clients' needs proactively and addresses potential problems before they turn into legal disasters. He is loyal to his clients, staying with them throughout their real estate ventures, and making sure all their transactional legal needs are met. With that kind of dedication, Netzell Legal Services clients never need to look anywhere else for their real estate needs.

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